Tomorrow, we are gonna start prepping for our road…

Tomorrow, we are gonna start prepping for our road…

Tomorrow, we are gonna start prepping for our road trip!!!! Today?

MOMENT OF HONESTY: There isn’t a single time I’ve left Paris when I’m not a bit wistful. The first time or two, it was a longing. After that, I had full bouts of depression. I’m not kidding. It was a deep, longing hurt – I couldn’t get out of bed after returning to the States. I know others who have experienced the same and you are NOT ALONE.

The solution for me was to create a nest. 🐦 I’d ferret away little treasures that I knew someday I’d have to come back and retrieve from someone’s cave or basement storage. (One time, I returned to a granny trolley full of moldy clothes. 😂 I learned from that point forward to not use caves for anything “soft”).

I would book my return flights before I even left. And THEN…. I could breathe. Of course, those long stays turned into a lifetime dedication to living and loving France. 🇫🇷But still, right now, THIS VERY MOMENT as I write you, I’m struggling to leave my beautiful Paris (for our road trip!!!!!!! Wahooooooooo!!!). 🤩

This little love note 💌is for all of you who haven’t been quite brave enough to leave Paris and her immediate surroundings. She’s a trap, a very good one.

👉👉But do not fall for her spell too hard – Paris is not France. 👈👈 If your heart is here, be brave. Leave. Explore. Learn all of her corners. I have two regions left to visit. And ten lifetimes more to explore.

TODAY’S SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : I shared with you all the exhibitions. Now it’s time to TERRACE. This week we are giving you an entire series of gorgeous courtyards, outdoor spaces, and all the spots to dine al fresco. TODAY: Swipe 👉 through to find your favorite for the lunch hour, and then save 👇 for May 19th! (Inspire video in my Instagram story today!!)

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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