The Spring 2022 edition of the Paris Quarterly is …

The Spring 2022 edition of the Paris Quarterly is …

The Spring 2022 edition of the Paris Quarterly is now live! Our annual subscribers just received first access to the digital magazine. And I will be releasing the edition for download in my online store this week.

VIDÉO LOCATION: Pont Audemer, Eure, Normandie, France.

Just 20 minutes from Honfleur and 150 km from Paris, this little French village offers great restaurants, shops, heritage, hikes, and more. Pont Audemer is called the “little Venice of Normandy.”

The Risle river connects the Seine to Paris and the English Channel. Tiny canals flow through the village, recognized as a maritime town by a decree of the Parliament of Paris in 1260. The right bank of the basin was the location for tanning mills since the 18th century. Charming alleys, previously private, are now open to the public for discreet promenades.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of shops available in Pont Audemer. We visited today, which was on a Tuesday, and quite a few were closed, so I would suggest going on a Thursday or Friday.

I met a lovely lady who roasted coffee and sold tea and local goods. Her shop, located in a historic building, has been in business since 1977. As I mentioned in previous recent posts, I have been asking locals about the tourism scene in this region. Her response was the same as many others:

“Oh yes,” her eyes got wide. “This is a very touristic town.”

But? Is it like Honfleur? I asked.

“No, not quite like that. But it is a popular destination for Parisians. And since Covid, they all moved out of the big cities and into places like this. It’s not the same anymore.” 🧐

We had a wonderful time wandering the little streets and alleys, discovering the canals and sweet architecture, artisan shops, antique stores, and more. Pont Audemer is worth putting on the list if you are interested in this area of France! TIP: Visit mid-week!

Bisous from Normandie,


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