Thank you SO much! 🥰

Thank you SO much! 🥰

Thank you SO much! 🥰

I woke up to a full inbox of extraordinary texts, emails, and DMs about my latest edition of the Paris Quarterly guide. What a beautiful way to start my day full of gratitude and joy.

For those of you traveling soon who purchased the book as a guide, I received many comments about how expansive and helpful the up-to-date Spring events, tips, tours, itineraries, and day trips section is.

Some people who live here are also giving it as gifts to friends and family visiting France soon, “There is so much information, as well as beautifully done. I think my friends would enjoy it and help them with how to spend their time in Paris and what to see.”

Others are sharing their thoughts on the memorable stories I included, especially regarding my grandmother.

“I just read the first few pages of your absolutely gorgeous book! I’m so looking forward to reading every page! What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother!🌹”

And others are sharing how much they enjoy the custom artwork, journal pages, and spring inspiration: “Oh my gosh, Shannon! I’m justcolorsg it now! It is sooooooo beautiful and beautifully written. Exquisite 💖 The colours, the story, the girls 🐾. 💖. There is so much in this edition. Love it!”

One question I am receiving is when the print edition will be available and if I am providing hand-signed copies again.

A1: The book should be available internationally via Amazon and other online retailers in about 2-3 weeks.

A2: Yes! I am happy to hand-deliver signed copies in Paris until the end of May. After that, you’ll have to come to Saint-Malo! 😉

I wish you all a beautiful Easter 🐣 weekend with your friends and family. I send you all so much peace, joy, and gratitude for being a supportive, lovely TFL community member.


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