Taxis, Planes, & Trains during a Strike - My Recommendations for your Trip.

Taxis, Planes, & Trains during a Strike - My Recommendations for your Trip.

Taxis, Planes, & Trains during a Strike - My Recommendations for your Trip.

So many of you reached out to me yesterday regarding my post about the strike starting this Thursday. Merci!

My heart hurts for those of you who have planned so long for this first trip, your reunions, your move to France amidst this challenging time.

Below are the recurring questions I received yesterday. My responses and comments are my own, my personal experiences and opinions, and not professional advice.

Q1: I am flying into CDG during the strike. Will there be taxis at the airport?

A1: Yes, but I expect that as the strike continues, and with fuel shortages, that there will be less inventory of drivers and available cars. Please expect delays. And avoid taxi scams! See my post on November 30th about this topic.

Q2: I understand that the metro and train services will not be operating. What about taking taxis around Paris?

A2: Try to adjust your plans so you can walk Paris. She’s not that big! Paris is only about 2.5 miles wide by 6 miles long. And most of the tourist destinations are concentrated around the River Seine. Alternatively, pre-book your taxis in advance. But do expect delays, increased rates, or lack of inventory. Have a Plan B.

Q3: How long do you think the strike will last?

A3: It’s hard to say. Some reports I have read say that the reform policy will be back in front of legislation at the end of February and some unions plan to strike until then. Please continue to watch the news and stay informed.

Q4: I plan on doing __________ activity. Do you think it will be canceled? Will restaurants be open?

A4: Personally, especially this Thursday, I plan on having a quiet, relaxed day and cook at home. I do expect restaurants to be open during the strike. For those who are newer residents of France or here for a long-stay visit, consider supply chain issues as the oil refineries and fuel blockades create problems in the grocery stores and elsewhere.

DM me if you have more questions! ☺️ Political discussions won’t be allowed in the comments. Instead, we are focusing on helping and supporting each other who might be affected during the “black out” strike.
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