Strawberry fields forever. We are in peak strawber…

Strawberry fields forever. We are in peak strawber…

Strawberry fields forever. 🍓We are in peak strawberry season in France! Today, I share a video of some sweet treats in my garden.

I have strong childhood memories of a house I lived in for a short time, and there was this funny low point in the lawn that created a bowl. “Wild” strawberries grew there. I would eat them as fast as they came ripe – luscious and juicy, full of sweet strawberry flavor.

I fell out of love with strawberries as I got older. The Monsanto monstrosities that arrived every year tasted acidic, almost bitter to me; the texture was pithy and dry.

Fast forward to my third visit to Paris, a chef friend took me to the Grand Épicerie for the first time. As we strolled through the produce section, his eyes grew wide as he saw a treasure tucked amongst the strawberry display. “THESE are special. They’re not regular strawberries. They’re wild, forest strawberries. They can only be hand-picked and foraged.”

As we sat along the curb and snacked on this delicacy, I was transported back to my childhood. But also, like many things here in France, the experience amplified to the umpteenth degree. I imagined a berry fairy 🧚‍♀️injecting these tiny, bitty little berries, almost an unnatural red, with the most incredibly intense strawberry flavor. It was unreal. I will never forget that moment.

If you are in Paris this time of year, visit the high-end markets like @lagrandeepicerie or @lamaisonplisson to search out the wood strawberries. They’re a real treat.

And while my video pans to a scrumptious dessert, I cannot stake claim to making such perfection. As I prepare to leave my country house, I visited my favorite baker. He can absolutely rival any baker AND patisserie in Paris. I am lucky that he and his team are talented in BOTH, which is a true rarity. But if you’d like to learn how to make beautiful desserts like this, may I suggest my friend @mollyjwilk ? She offers online and in-person classes!

Bisous darlings,


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