Spring 2024 TFL Partner News

Spring 2024 TFL Partner News


Walk Paris

With the return of warmer weather, hour-long walks through Paris get more enjoyable –but sidewalks also get very crowded! To escape the throngs of tourists in the Eiffel-Montmartre-Marais triangle, why not go for an audio walk in the more hidden parts of the city?


Designed for a solo experience, but often done by couples, these GPS-guided audio tours are available any day, at any time, using the VoiceMap app. No need to look at your phone while walking: Paris' iconic architecture provides the visuals, and the Comte de Saint-Germain's voice provides directions and narration straight to your headphones. As a Parisian immortal, he's seen it all, from Roman invasion to French revolutions, and he's eager to share his stories in a warm, intimate manner.


The Comte's tours are available in both English and French, and have received rave reviews from local sites Sortez.Rive.Gauve, Pernety14, and international visitors alike. One writes "one of my most memorable tours. The audio quality and sound production is top notch - all contributing to the feeling of you being thrown back in time and being able to visualize the place around you as it may have looked many years earlier", another "I especially appreciated the stark honesty behind some of the historical aspects of the area, and learning about historical figures that should have gotten more justice and recognition in their time."


If you're into nature and bucolic alleyways, try his Montsouris tour. If you prefer the Netflix hit series Lupin, follow his footsteps above the Catacombs. And if you can't make it to Paris, both walks can also be enjoyed just by listening to them as a podcast.


Direct access & audio samples of the tours: https://voicemap.me/publisher/comte-de-saint-germain

The Comte on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/walk.paris/

Molly J Wilk

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