Save this! A few memorable experiences in #Paris that should be on anyone’s list.

Save this! A few memorable experiences in #Paris that should be on anyone’s list.

Bonjour, lovelies! 🇫🇷 Today, I’m bringing you a few memorable experiences in #Paris that should be on anyone’s list. Even if you live here, the city never ceases to inspire and amaze, and there’s something new around every corner.✨

1️⃣ There’s nothing quite like watching the Eiffel Tower at sunset. As dusk falls, the Iron Lady puts on a sparkling light show every hour, on the hour, for five minutes. It’s a spectacle you don’t want to miss. The best places to watch? Try the bridges along the Seine, or peek between buildings where she might surprise you!

2️⃣ On a sunny day, the Sainte Chapelle church is a must-visit. Its exceptional collection of 1200+ stained glass windows will leave you breathless. Visit during sunset for the best lighting. And remember, these windows tell the story of the Bible and the relics that once resided there.

3️⃣ Meet April Pett of @aprilinparistours. A fun, super sweet, intelligent, and friendly Canadian who fell in love with Paris, April now calls the City of Lights home. She offers tours that let you discover the true treasures of Paris, beyond what you’d read in guidebooks. And folks, she’s loved on Trip Advisor! 🇨🇦🗺️💖 Five stars!

4️⃣ Ever dreamed of a day trip to Monet’s house in Giverny? I offer an instant download, step-by-step guide for this trip on my website www.ThisFrench.Life (along with many others!). Imagine pedaling along, soaking in the French countryside on your way to the iconic lily pads! 🚲🌼🎨

5️⃣ If Giverny is too far, don’t worry! Monet’s paintings at the Orangerie will transport you there in spirit. It’s like stepping into another world, right in the heart of Paris. 🖼️🍊

6️⃣ Last but not least, immerse yourself in the local culture at the Sunday Bastille marché. The sights, smells, and tastes are a feast for the senses! 🍎🥖🧀
Stay tuned for more Parisian adventures! Bisous! 💋

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