Romanticizing this French life. I found this charm…

Romanticizing this French life. I found this charm…

Romanticizing this French life. I found this charming little cottage during the first Covid confinement. At this point in my journey, I had been house hunting for about two years. The French government had just announced that the public could drive up to 100 kilometers from their home with a special permit. That same week, this property came up for sale, and, with a mix of terror, anticipation, and delight, I booked a tour of the property.

The estate agent was hesitant to schedule an RDV as she had already shown the house five times in less than 48 hours, and offers were already coming in. Parisians and other big city dwellers were attempting to leave en masse. I knew I had to make an immediate and challenging decision.

Most Americans cannot obtain mortgages in France, so the purchase was cash with the dollar to euro exchange. Plus, my husband was stuck in the States due to the pandemic. He was unable to visit the property for his stamp of approval. I had hours literally to make a life-changing decision.

It would have been fine either way, but I am so glad we jumped on the chance to own this little slice of heaven in a corner of Brittany, France.

I moved to this country with a single suitcase in hand. So every little treasure and trinket, fork and knife, purchase big and small, is yet another accomplishment in creating this French life. I rented and moved around so much at the beginning of this adventure, being nomadic meant I couldn’t “nest” and create a personal space unique to my husband and me.

In the countryside, where the hours slip by sweetly, sometimes I feel I’m in a romantic, moody, beautiful, rich, and timeless Jane Austen novel.

I hope you enjoy this montage of the moments that make living out here so special. I have included descriptions of each scene in the comments below.

Bisous and big hugs from Bretagne, France,


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