ROAD TRIP DAY EIGHTEEN: I write to you while on th…

ROAD TRIP DAY EIGHTEEN: I write to you while on th…

ROAD TRIP DAY EIGHTEEN: I write to you while on the freeway, heading north towards the gorgeous wine 🍷 village of Saint-Emilion. We had a lovely, albeit too brief stay, in Carcassonne, and I look forward to returning to this area. The purpose of our visit was to break up the long journey from Provence to the Bordeaux region. I plan on digging in deep and providing you with a very immersive experience of this entire region in the future.

For now, our goal is to continue to work our way, slowly, back to our house in Bretagne (Brittany). Our original plan was to stay through the weekend in Saint-Emilion. But the hot weather has already arrived in France: this weekend will be in the 90’s f (32+ Celcius) and WAY too warm for both me and the pups. I contacted the owners of the house and notified them that we would be leaving earlier than expected. Luckily, our gite (vacation rental) on Ile de Re 🏖 🌊 was available for an earlier arrival.

In today’s Instagram story, I share with you our experience in medieval Carcassonne. Behind the ramparts and in the shadows of over 50 turrets, we spent yesterday exploring the old cité. You also might find an unpopular opinion of mine nestled within the story. 😬Carcassonne is the third most visited site in France (#1 is Paris, #2 is Mont-Saint-Michel). And it for sure felt like it. I have lived in or near multiple medieval villages in France and have not experienced one with such a theme-park vibe.

I have been to Mont-Saint-Michel many times, my house in Bretagne is near it. Even that site still retains much of its authenticity and original French character despite receiving almost 3 million visitors each year. Carcassonne gets just as many, so bear that in mind as you watch my video. We were lucky to be there during such a slow time.

TODAY’S SWIPE & SAVE: I introduce you to five wine villages near Bordeaux. If you love the wine from this region, then this list was made for you!

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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