Rabbiting. (Old vs New me) When Paris is new to y…

Rabbiting. (Old vs New me) When Paris is new to y…

Rabbiting. 🐇 (Old vs New me) When Paris is new to you, one of the first games you play is a dig dug adventure as you dive down into the bowels of the Parisian metro and pop up someplace fresh and different. Every metro stop is a visual treat, and every train seems to have its own rules, ways to open the door, modern and fresh vs. quaint and old.

Photo 1 & 5, 6: Today.
Photo 2-4: Twelve+ years ago.

It is day three of my very first trip to Paris. My host handed me a billet of ten metro tickets, the address of our shared flat, and walked out the door. Somehow, eventually, I would find my way back. I read about a neighborhood full of artisans, up-and-coming everything’s, fashionistas, and wanna-be fashion houses. This is where I wanted to be. I dive into my nearby metro rabbit hole.

A few trains later, I pop out 🐇 at Republique. Blink. The square is enormous – there are so many options, rabbit holes, and Alice in Wonderland trails to follow. I walk. I get lost.

To share my experience with family back home, I created a WordPress blog to document my first trip to Paris. Years later, this relic showed up in my Google alerts. I forgot about it entirely. And there she was, in all her glory, my entire day documented in the Marais – where I now live.

Paris has her twists and turns, loopholes and wormholes, and I somehow hadn’t realized that the same streets that I now walk daily, THIS is where my adventure began.

I sat in a sort of stunned, secret silence as I read through my original blog post, eyes melting over images I had created and so long forgotten, even though in some ways it feels like I made them yesterday. Through a fresh but old lens, I watched my newest self walk the streets I now love and know so dearly.

I had once pined to be that lady. She had an apartment with pretty moulding on the ceiling, a small dog, a granny trolley to take to the market that she favored on Saturday because the baker there makes an organic crusty sourdough.



I am her.


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