Preparation Against Pickpockets & Scams: Attacks at the ATM

Preparation Against Pickpockets & Scams: Attacks at the ATM

Preparation Against Pickpockets & Scams: Attacks at the ATM

I have shared warnings about ATM scams for several years, including card readers, grab-and-runs, and more.

For this reason, I always suggest using an indoor ATM. However, there is a new series of attacks that I see posts about.

Here’s the situation: Criminals wait for customers to insert their bank cards and dial their secret code to attack them.

A French resident recently shared this scary story: “I was recently robbed of €450 while using an inside ATM at my local bank. I was going to draw a small amount that wasn’t offered on the screen, so I clicked on ‘retraité’ to choose my amount.

At that precise moment, a man using (or pretending to use) a deposit machine came into my space - pushed me out of the way, and put in €450, my whole weekly cash withdrawal limit. This happened on a Monday lunchtime, and the bank was closed - he took the chance that the entire amount was available!”

If you live in France, the bank or the government does not cover these thefts. Therefore, it is essential to understand if your insurance company covers this situation. Otherwise, the money is a complete loss. Additionally, for tourists, getting a copy of the CCTV video, if the cameras were even working, is a very complicated and lengthy process.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Please remember that La Poste, the post office in France, offers ATMs inside and often near the teller windows, under camera surveillance, with many La Poste employees nearby. The post office is usually open Monday through Friday (unless there is a national holiday) and Saturday mornings.

If you are traveling to rural France, you’ll want to allocate extra time to visit the post office, as some locations operate on limited hours or do not offer ATM services.

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Merci, and safe travels, darlings. Bon voyage! 🇫🇷

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