Popular, affordable gifts to bring home from Paris.

Popular, affordable gifts to bring home from Paris.

Bonjour, everyone! From the unique and quirky gifts at ‘Just Art! Paris’, the handmade perfumes at ‘Le Studio des Parfums’, to the exquisite chocolates at ‘Edwart Chocolatier’, there’s a gift to take home for everyone.


For all you perfume lovers, the city is home to some of the finest perfume shops in the world.

And if you’re near the Louvre Museum, don’t miss out on visiting ‘Diptyque’ known for its candles, perfumes, and body care products.

Mini Eiffel Tower Key Ring: Cheesy? A bit! But it’s inexpensive and takes no room! This is a charming and portable reminder of Paris. It can be used to hold keys, and it would make a great decorative item to hang on a bag or purse. You can buy these from various souvenir shops around Paris. Check the department stores for more unique keepsakes.

French Perfume: Perfumes can serve as a personal signature and can evoke memories of your trip to Paris. Some of the top perfume shops in Paris include Guerlain, Fragonard, Serge Lutens, and Annick Goutal. These shops offer a wide range of fragrances, and the staff can help you choose the perfect scent​.

French Scarf: A French scarf, particularly silk or wool, can be a stylish accessory for any outfit. Use it at home as a comfortable wrap or while traveling to provide a touch of warmth and style.

Chocolates or Macarons: These sweet treats travel well and can be enjoyed at home as a reminder of your Paris trip. Purchase from various patisseries and chocolatiers around the city.

Skincare Products: French skincare products are renowned for their quality. Using these at home can help maintain skin health and hydration.

Professional Photographs: These are beautiful reminders of your Paris trip and displayed in your home. I highly recommend @myparisportraits to help capture your memories in the city.

French Soap or Lavender Sachets from Provence: Use at home for a soothing bath experience or to keep clothes smelling fresh.

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