Partner feature 5 of 6: Molly Wilkinson (@mollyjwi…

Partner feature 5 of 6: Molly Wilkinson (@mollyjwi…

Partner feature 5 of 6: Molly Wilkinson (@mollyjwilk). Molly is pure unadulterated sunshine. 🌞 I dare you to watch one of her videos and not smile when she giggles. Her infectious laughter and joy capture your heart. 💝 But I also want to point out an attribute that some may overlook – her bravery.

Molly’s first career was in advertising and public relations in Texas. She got the degree, got the job at an agency, annnnnd… was brave. Molly followed her heart. After saving up and a LOT of prep work, in 2013, she moved to Paris for a year to study at Le Cordon Bleu.

You can read the full story on Molly’s website (link below), but this strong lady has done it all. The back and forth between France and the States, building her career, earning the work visas, finally finding her home permanently in ma belle France. And can you imagine this? Molly continued to build a brand, virtual baking classes, tour and cooking company, AND launched a brand new cookbook during a **global pandemic.** How is that for brave?

Molly and I have partnered quite a bit over the last few months to bring you some fun virtual moments. Would you like to learn how to make that classic molten chocolate cake “moelleux”? Head on over to my IGTV to watch Molly, and I bake it live! For free!!

Meanwhile, Mme Wilkinson has been cooking up a storm and has the BEST virtual baking class line up for October. 🎃 And if you join the pumpkin macaron class on the 29th, yours truly will be there!! 👏

Are you visiting France? 🇫🇷 Whisk the day away with Molly at a private baking or cooking class in her 18th-century Versailles apartment! Take a class to learn french macarons, mille-feuille, tarts, or other delicious treats. Or, tour the local farmers market picking up ingredients, then cook and eat a fabulous four-course lunch!

For more info, spoonfuls of @mollyjwilk ‘s sunshine, or to book, visit:

Bisous & sugary sweet hugs 🤗 from France,


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