Partner feature 3 of 6: The Comte de Saint-Germain…

Partner feature 3 of 6: The Comte de Saint-Germain…

Partner feature 3 of 6: The Comte de Saint-Germain ( The first time I watched one of the Comte’s videos, I was instantly mesmerized. His voice hooks you, the way he shoots his mini-films is so entertaining, and the history he shares is truly unique. The Comte de Saint-Germain specializes in audio guide experiences that you download to your phone. If you préfèr to explore the city alone, aren’t into guided group tours, or want to access Paris’ history in an unforgettable way, this is the tour you want!

As the Comte says, “To get the true spirit of Paris, one must walk beyond the Marais or the Eiffel Tower.” And I agree. His first audio walk takes you through lush alleyways hidden in the 14th arrondissement, home of centuries-old ruins that used to bring water into the city, and local heroes like a leftist lesbian artist who joined the Resistance during WWII. Soundscapes conjure invisible locations, and anecdotes are not only historically accurate – but they also surprise native Parisians.

The Comte is never out of character. True to his identity, here is a look at his bio: “The Comte de Saint-Germain is an immortal Parisian, born 2200 years ago on a dirt islet that eventually became the Île de la Cité. He lived through Roman and Frankish invasions, dabbled in alchemy at the court of Louis XV, and took part in a few revolutions before photography ended his public life. He only recently realized how Hollywood and social media shape the image of Paris throughout the world. He has since embarked on a crusade to share the true spirit of Paris, from a romantic dinner on top of a castle to street art hidden in construction sites. He has a passion for sharing Paris’ underground history, showcasing revolutionary women, international artists, and present-day activists who keep Paris alive beyond the clichés.”

Now, isn’t that someone you want to know in Paris?!

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