PART TWO: PARC DE SCEAUX. Access the free guide, link in bio!
Photos by Janelle Sweeney, @myparisportraits

Excerpt from the 2022 Spring edition, the Paris Quarterly magazine.

"Today's picnic team includes @elianacampo_ , @pariswinegirl@myparisportraits, and yours truly. We met at my flat, and with fresh flowers, sunhats, and picnic baskets in hand, we loaded up the car and headed to Parc de Sceaux, excited and hopeful to find the elusive cherry tree orchards.

After parking, the first thing you're greeted with is the magnificent approach and view of the stately chateau. As you round the mansion, your view opens up to a Versailles-esque manicured grounds and gardens. It's breathtaking.

And also, in stark contrast to the famous jardins of Chateau Versailles, you can picnic right on the lawn!

As we rounded a corner, the ladies and I finally found the first cherry tree orchard... with no blossoms! While the cherry trees in Paris were all in bloom, at Parc de Sceaux, the buds were still tight, with tiny hints of pink flowers teasing us. We all tried not to be overly disappointed that we were too early and continued to explore the vast gardens, vowing to come back when the trees were in bloom.

Thankfully, we had something else to look forward to - a trunk full of picnics goodies to eat and drink!

These talented ladies never cease to amaze me, and while I thought I was a good planner, Eliana showed us who was the real pro. We all ended in a fit of giggles as she kept pulling things out of what seemed to be a never-ending Mary Poppins-style bag. She even had packed maracas!

Tucked in the shadows of the chateau, with sun shining on our faces and hardly another soul in sight, the world felt bright, joyful, positive, and hopeful for our futures, even in the middle of a terrifying pandemic.

More so, moments like this are forever burned into my memory - a small group of immigrants from all around the world (United States, Italy, and New Zealand) who came together over good food and wine to share love and kindness." 💕
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