Part two of two: What to pack when traveling to ru…

Part two of two: What to pack when traveling to ru…

Part two of two: What to pack when traveling to rural France

In today’s checklist, I include additional considerations if you are a local or here for an extended stay in France. As you can see, most of these items are not reasonable to include in your luggage for a short-term stay. But you might want to consider these too if you are a hobby or professional chef!

° Salt & pepper – I prefer to travel with my favorite salts and pepper mill if I am going to cook a lot at the vacation rental or stay for a long time.

° Other spices – Consider including small packets of your preferred flavors. I also like to list what I am getting low on in the kitchen and purchase refill packets of fresh spices at the local marché.

° Travel olive oil – I dislike buying a full bottle of quality EVOO while on the road. Packing a travel-size bottle ensures I have the quality I want and not a lot of excess at the end of the trip.

° Chefs knife – My biggest pet peeve in a lot of gites are the dangerously dull chef knives. Again, if I am booked somewhere for an extended stay, I often bring my own knives with me.

° Wine opener and other specialty tools – Think of what you use often in the kitchen or perhaps where you are going such as a location where you will be eating oysters, bring a shucking knife.

° Foldable cooler / cold storage bag – For marché days. Also great for keeping picnic items cold, and they double as luggage for your kitchen supplies.

° Journal and art supplies to document your trip – It’s always a luxury that I love to have nearby when feeling inspired on a trip.

° Books, hobby supplies, travel board games or cards – Having your favorite alternative entertainment on hand is helpful.

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