PART ONE: How to Build a French Visa Dossier: What…

PART ONE: How to Build a French Visa Dossier: What…

PART ONE: How to Build a 🇫🇷French🇫🇷 Visa Dossier: What to Expect at the VFS Office
In the States, a VFS office is assigned to you by location, based on your physical address. My assigned VFS office is in San Francisco.

At my last VFS office visit in the States, I could not access the building until about 20 minutes before the appointment. A security guard will scan the bar code on your appointment letter, confirm you have the correct date, time, and location, and then wave you into a large waiting room.

VFS is a processing center, a third-party company to intake requests. VFS uses a checklist ✅, whatever is the most current issued by the French consulate, to quickly assess the documents you have included in your submission. Their only job is to double-check you have everything required for your visa type (they will not determine if you are even applying for the correct visa, so be SURE you have the proper category!), and process your payment.

I highly recommend that you advocate for yourself during the time with the VFS representative. 🙋‍♀️ If they do not take a document that you feel is critical to the strength of your dossier, speak up. The person who reviews your actual file and approves or denies it will not receive it for days or weeks to come. So, it is imperative that you cross-analyze your submission, write everything out, and explain as much as you can. Do not make assumptions! This is your one chance to advocate for yourself to a person who will never meet you or talk to you. Consider that when assembling all of your paperwork.

PLEASE NOTE: Most visa types are not being issued at the moment due to Covid restrictions. However, you can use this series to help prepare your dossier in advance when your category reopens. This post is strictly informative, educational, and my experiences only. Please contact the consulate for additional information or inquiries – I am not a professional.

Would you like more detailed information on my visa dossier experience, tactics, and techniques? Head on up to the link in my bio to sign up. 👆👆👆

Bisous and big squeezy hugs 🤗 from France,

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