Paris Life Hack: I know. I KNOW you want to do a F…

Paris Life Hack: I know. I KNOW you want to do a F…

Paris Life Hack: I know. I KNOW you want to do a French market picnic 🧺 on a cute tablecloth in a Parisian park. But news alert, most of the parks you want to visit don’t allow picnicking on the grass. Or it’s raining ☔️ (cause that happens a lot here). Or it’s just too darn cold 🥶 . Or maybe you’re on the way to an event or museum and don’t have the time.

Let’s be honest – that picnic scene will take up 3/4 of your precious day in Paris to pull off. Who has time for that?!

No matter the reason, here is your hack for the day:
The boulangerie 🥖

Not all are equal. You’ll want to do your research using Google maps in your immediate area. First, try searching in English “bakery.” Then double-check using “boulangerie.” TRUST. It’s worth the extra five minutes for a good meal!

For both, scroll and look at the reviews – each bakery will specialize in its unique products to create competition and differentiate. It makes sense, right?

Some will excel in patisseries 🍰. Others will have a line out the door for their country bread or croissants 🥐 . For this exercise, you are looking for a bakery where people mention, or at the very least, post photos of their sandwiches.

I suggest going for the classic Jambon Beurre. I love the version with cornichons, personally. The bakery sandwich is portable, doesn’t make a mess, and is the no-fuss super Parisian picnic on the go.

Next, take a quick search for the nearby grocery store. Here, you’ll find your beverage of choice in the cold section. Water (plat or gazeuse), perhaps a half bottle of Chablis premier cru, or splurge for bubbles 🥂. You’ll find recyclable glassware too.

In no time, you’ve put together a Parisian lunch just like the locals. And while you rehydrate and refuel, you’ll join voisins in the park. Say bonjour and take in the scenery. You’re winning! You just saved a lot of money and time, which is a big deal for any Français.

Bisous and big hugs from France,


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