Paris is a romantic ville year-round. But I think …

Paris is a romantic ville year-round. But I think …

Paris is a romantic ville year-round. But I think autumn 🍂 here just oozes romance. Fall is charming, colorful, and nostalgic, with dreamy light, falling leaves, and a change in the weather. Bringing autumn 🍁 romance into your every day can be reading a book outside while wearing a cozy sweater. Drinking hot tea or chocolate and watching your favorite seasonal movie. Or perhaps going to the apple orchard and picking out a pumpkin 🎃 to carve.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a special someone, Paris offers so many magical moments. And in today’s video episode, I share a walking tour to take in Fall in our remarkable city. This video includes access to an autumn screensaver, a special playlist, and a custom walking map so that you can recreate this experience any time of the year.

A big thanks to @juicelabparis, @trudon, @mariagefreresofficial, @le_bhv_marais, @fleuryan_paris, @cafe_des_musees, and #lesphilosophes for participating in this video.

And a shout out to @myparisportraits and @mollyjwilk – their work is included too.

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Bisous and big hugs from Paris, France 🇫🇷


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