Pack these winter clothes to stay warm in Paris. W…

Pack these winter clothes to stay warm in Paris. W…

Pack these winter clothes to stay warm in Paris. Winter packing tips!

1 – Thermals as a base. I love @Uniqlo for inexpensive thermal layers. Lately, I have been wearing their long-sleeve Airsm undershirts. Over that, I add one of their warmest thermal long-sleeve shirts. I also will wear thermal leggings under loose-fit pants.

2 – Blazer. Next, if I am off to a meeting or a luncheon, I will add a blazer to help keep me comfortable in the restaurant. Lately, I have been hitting up all the vintage shops in the Marais and finding some great pieces. I picked up a fantastic blazer from Scotland for 40 euros.

3 – Duster coat. This is my next layer, which is great when I am at a destination but still too cold to take off a jacket. Duster-length coats on trend in Paris and are very versatile. I love mine in camel and grey, an excellent match for almost any outfit.

4 – Puffer coat. Over my duster, I often add a duster-length puffer coat that I sized up for the extra room. This year, I purchased one from Zara that has been a godsend against these freezing temperatures. I especially love the hood that helps against the biting wind.

5 – Cozy socks. A must. I swear the cobblestones in Paris make your feet frigid!

6 – Waterproof boots. Make sure to break yours in before coming to France. Wear them on the plane with compression socks and take them off mid-flight. It’ll save room and weight in your bag.

7 – Gloves and knitted scarves. My favorite French glove brand is Agnelle, in business since 1937. If your coat doesn’t have a hood, bring a hat too.

8 – Mask and disinfectant. I’ll be honest, folks, everyone around me is getting super sick. Think about it: Paris is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. If you are coming to the city soon, please be prepared for ALL the illnesses being passed around at the moment. Stay safe!

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