On today’s walk with the girls, things felt a bit…

On today’s walk with the girls, things felt a bit…

On today’s walk with the girls, 🐶 things felt a bit different. Perhaps it’s the sunshine. Or people are dressing lighter, and signs of summertime activities like hammocks and sunhats are showing up. The big surprise today was @le_saint_regis_paris ! Their doors and windows were wide open as I walked by, and the classic Parisian wicker chairs stacked high OUTSIDE (swipe 👉 to see video).

I popped my head in the door to find the staff crowded around a booth in the middle of the restaurant. I asked, “Vous préparez la réouverture ? Are you getting ready to reopen?” and they responded yes, just the first staff meeting today. My heart swelled at the thought. Terraces are set to reopen starting mid-May and, if all goes well, will be allowed to open mid-June fully.

Up the street, I stopped to chat with our local cheesemonger. He says it will take weeks for restaurants to prepare, which is why they are starting now. These businesses have been shuttered since October. There is so much to clean, replace missing staff, training, order and sourcing products, and more. The energy is palatable as one of the essential parts of Paris, our cafés, restaurants, and brasseries, are contemplating reopening soon.

Big news hit the Francophile fan when President Macron said in a CBS interview that he was considering opening the country to travel this summer. “The idea is to offer travel to the American citizen when they decide to be vaccinated or with a negative PCR test.” However, he did not give a time frame or mention other countries.

I’m of the camp that I’ll believe in when I see it, but remain hopeful for all of you who want to be here so badly.

Pearl, Rose, and I wish you a wonderful day. Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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