OMGoooooodness is it ever gorgeous here right now….

OMGoooooodness is it ever gorgeous here right now….

OMGoooooodness is it ever gorgeous here right now. Paris is so pretty and fresh with all the spring flowers and greenery. Check out my Instagram Story today to see a collage video of the walks Pearl, Rose, and I took this weekend. Just stunning!
PART FOUR: How to Build a 🇫🇷French🇫🇷 Visa Dossier: FORMATTING TIPS
Yesterday, I touched on how important it is to have a cover letter for every section of your dossier. But it is equally important that you highlight, call-out, circle, and flag all the crucial aspects of the documents you are submitting.

Use Deepl, folks, to translate your cover letters and any of your notes. DO NOT use Google Translate. EVERYTHING in your dossier needs to be in French and printed on A4 size paper, in triplicate if they want to take more than one copy (which isn’t unusual).

I love to use Post-It notes. I pick the brightly colored ones and use these to draw arrows, point things out, and make sure that their attention is on the correct part of the document. For example, a W2 form or tax document from the United States is confusing and unfamiliar to a French representative. With labels and post-it notes, I explain in French what is the gross revenues vs. net revenues.

Would you like to receive a list of all the documents I include and how I label them correctly? Perhaps you are interested in more detailed information on my visa dossier experience, tactics, and techniques? Head on up to the link in my bio to sign up. 👆👆👆

Bisous and big squeezy hugs 🤗 from France,

Camera 📷 credit : @vagabonde.tenenbaum – ADORABLE feed! Go check it out.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, most visa types are on hold at the moment due to Covid restrictions. However, you can use this series to help prepare your dossier in advance when your category reopens. This post is strictly informative, educational, and my experiences only. Please contact the consulate for additional information or inquiries – I am not a professional.


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