My top tips for seeing the Mona Lisa (and other fa…

My top tips for seeing the Mona Lisa (and other fa…

My top tips for seeing the Mona Lisa (and other famous monuments in Paris).

The tourists are BACK! Tickets to the Eiffel are selling out quickly, the lines are getting longer, and iconic monuments are crowded with locals and tourists alike.

Here are a few tips for enjoying these spaces and getting up close and personal with your favorites, such as the Mona Lisa.

1 – Book tickets online and as far out as possible. Access to the Eiffel opens in 14-day windows, so set a reminder!

2 – Show up early. A great trick to see the Mona Lisa is to book the first timed-entry slot, usually 8:30 or 9 AM, and queue at least an hour earlier. As soon as you enter the museum, make a beeline for the painting, and you’ll be one of the first to arrive.

3 – Alternatively, visit during typical meal hours, such as 12 to 2 PM, and in the evening.

4 – Use online resources to understand the location of your favorite pieces. Most large museums in Paris have digital maps so you can plan the exact location of the artwork you want to see.

5 – Understand French school break schedules, holidays, and vacations. Expect the crowds to swell when families have time off in the country.

6 – For the Louvre, there are two primary options for entering. One is through the Carrousel mall. Choose this if it’s raining outside. And these lines can often be shorter.

The other is through the Pyramid, which is also the entrance you want if you are mobility-impaired or with a stroller. It’s also so pretty to take photos here. Make sure you queue in the line that corresponds with your ticket entrance timing.

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