My top five tips for traveling alone in France. …

My top five tips for traveling alone in France. …

My top five tips for traveling alone in France.

A community member asked about traveling alone in this beautiful country, tips for staying safe, and enjoying your time solo. I have compiled my top five recommendations for you here.

And please, please always remain vigilant to scams and pickpockets!

1 – Start with day trips. When I first started traveling to France, I often stayed only in Paris and was too fearful of leaving the city alone. I was afraid of making a mistake and that my non-existent French language skills would create problems, and I didn’t want to get lost. My first brave steps were to take easy day trips from Paris. I suggest starting with Chateau Versailles, which is almost foolproof. Becoming familiar with the train systems and how to navigate your way outside of Paris is a great start.

2 – Increase the complexity. Next, try out day trips that require platform changes, bus or bike use, or overnight stay in a hotel. For these trips, I would suggest Chateau Fontainebleau, Giverny, Dijon & Beaune if you like Burgundy wine, Strasbourg in the winter, Bordeaux, and Reims for champagne. Try to keep the train ride to about two hours or less.

3 – Next, rent a car. While I would suggest that you take a few car rides with friends who can point out the nuances of driving in France, I didn’t have any problems picking it up. Yeah, it takes a bit of courage at first, but take it slow and give yourself extra time. I also like this method because I can discover places that do not require public transport.

4 – Avoid traveling at night. A personal rule of thumb is that I always travel during the day, giving myself ample time to arrive at my hotel destination by 4 or 5 PM, well before nightfall.

5 – Stick with public spaces. I save the adventurous hikes and private, remote, and quiet places when I am with friends or family.

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