My top five destinations along the La côte d’Émera…

My top five destinations along the La côte d’Émera…

My top five destinations along the La côte d’Émeraude, perle de la Bretagne, in order of my personal preference:

1. Dinard
2. Cancale
3. Erquy
4. Ile de Brehat
5. Saint-Malo

If you’d like to visit Dinard from Paris and you do not have a car, no worries! There is a direct train from the city to Saint-Malo, a top destination along this stunning coastline.
After exploring Intramuros, step outside, and right along the port is @compagniecorsaire which offers frequent ferry shuttle trips to Dinard and back. The ferry is only 10 minutes long and crosses the bay, so the experience is smooth, fast, practical, and pleasant.

The ferry drops you off at the yacht club on the Claire de Lune promenade, which in and of itself is a perfect stroll to experience. As the sun sets, the city plays classical music set to lights during the summer. It is SO romantic!

Round-trip tickets for adults during peak season are 8.80€, which is very affordable! And much more manageable than renting a car. Traffic can get backed up going over the connecting bridge, especially if raised to allow boats through. So, this is a much easier and stress-free experience!

As I mention in the video, I will be providing my Paris Quarterly magazine subscribers with a sneak peek of my new 22 Cotes d’Armor Bretagne downloadable guide. And the complete e-book will be available early this summer, just in time for all of you to profit from the soleil et the plage.

Speaking of, it’s time to go out and tend to the garden. I have over sixty roses about ready to bloom, and I am babysitting them daily. I promise to share the first flush with you!

Bisous darlings,


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