My goal is to make all of France accessible to any…

My goal is to make all of France accessible to any…

My goal is to make all of France accessible to anyone who desires to know and learn more about this magnificent country.

As an American immigrant living in France, I have held or had personal experience with all of these visas.

VLS: This is a long-stay tourism visa that is non-renewable. You MUST return to the States after this visa expires. The maximum length of stay is 12 months, and this is an excellent option if you are looking to be on sabbatical or want to stay in France for longer than three months at a time. It is illegal to work with this visa, and you must sign a notarized attestation stating that you will not work while in France. Other documents I have had to provide include proof of private international healthcare insurance for the entirety of the stay, evidence of housing, proof of funding. The consulate also liked when I had proof of my return plane ticket.

VLS – TS: This is the same as above, but you can renew this visa annually at your local prefecture. The unofficial nickname for this category is the “retirement visa”. Everything with the VLS visa requirements applies; however, you have to go through the immigration process. After three months of residency, you can submit your application for the French medical system (carte vitale).

Student: After the school of choice has accepted your application and you have completed their requirements, there is a separate student visa website and process to go through. After that, the visa process and conditions are very similar to that of the VLS category.

Profession Libérale: This is the visa category I currently hold. Requirements for this category are extensive & include financial investments of at least 30,000 euro in a French business during your first year, business proposal, financial projections, proof of your education, career, and financial stability.

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

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