My favorite Paris morning writing routine. I am …

My favorite Paris morning writing routine. I am …

My favorite Paris morning writing routine.

I am not a morning person. I will never be that “it girl” trending on YouTube, waking up & working on her 50-step journaling/smoothie blending/bullet list yoga shower and meditation routine.

I do wake up at 5:30 AM. But after using the restroom, I go back to bed. And please do NOT expect me to be conversationalist, or even able to parse together clear sentences, before 9 heure, svp.

I long fought this.

I cherish the few days of the year that I see the sunrise. My inner clock is hard set to a schedule, and I’ve researched a lot about this.

👉👉And I have come to the very personal conclusion (aka self-permission) that while there are a lot of battles in life, the one that I needn’t fight is my own body.

I love LOVE a long slow morning. It is when I am most creative. When I rush into the day and out the door, I miss out on the flow. With a big pot of french press coffee, I can write for hours, create entire annual strategic brand plans, or draft PR campaigns to the tunes of Debussy and Mozart.

It is without interruption, physical or mental, that I am most creative. While my movement into the day is “slow,” my mind is at warp speed when I let it go at ease.

An alternative to this routine is one that I share with you in this video. It is rather indulgent. I step out the door with the girls, and we walk the back streets up to Place Vosges. There, you’ll find my fav juice and health bar, @juicelabparis. Nothing makes me happier than a stroll through the stunning Vosges park with a Juice Lab golden (turmeric) latte in hand. Their GLatte’s are never bitter and so delicious to the last yellow drop, which inevitably lands on my clothes someway, somehow.

In this video, you’ll see Rose playing with a gorgeous pup named Bella. Since two months of age, they have been friends, and I ran into her paw-rent, darling Nina, at Juice Lab. It’s a great space to meet other ex-pats, FYI.

Wishing you all a day of space & pace,


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