Moving to France? 🇫🇷 Consider these Services!

Moving to France? 🇫🇷 Consider these Services!

Moving to France? 🇫🇷 Consider these Services!

If you are curious about life in this country or are moving to France, here is a list of my favorite service providers.

Orange (ORE-uhnge) - @orange is a leading telephone, mobile, and internet service provider in France. As an American, I liken Orange to AT&T back in the States - not the cheapest, but it has excellent coverage, lots of store locations, & an English helpline.

@allianz_france - This is an insurance company. From home to car, business, health mutuelle, life insurance, the team is exceptionally responsive and has a dedicated English-speaking program.

Accountant - This has been an invaluable investment, from helping me navigate the muddy waters of business formation to quarterly reporting and annual tax returns. I can rest assured that this gal doesn’t make a big mistake with all the forms, sites, portals, documents, and processes it takes to be a fiscal resident of France.

@doctolib - In short, this is a central space where you can book all of your doctors. You can log in and see all past and present RDVs, book a new appointment, upload documents to your doctor in advance, share reports, and even send a prescription direct to your pharmacy!

° Weather app - Coming from the PacNW where the weather can get socked in by the mountains for days, it never ceases to amaze me how frequently the weather can change here.

° Scanner Pro app - I do my best not to print on paper, but the myriad of documents (and the regulations around keeping paperwork) in this bureaucratic culture is extraordinary.

° @starlinksofficial - For many homes in rural France, internet service is still very basic, including at my house in Bretagne. Starlink satellite internet allows me to work out in the countryside as there’s no way I could conduct business using the regular service to my house.

Have comments, questions, or would like me to expand on any of these topics? Add your thoughts in the comments below!
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