Love dogs? Then you’ll like this video! Here is th…

Love dogs? Then you’ll like this video! Here is th…

Love dogs? Then you’ll like this video! Here is the second version of our recent beach day, but with my girls, Rose and Pearl.

For those who are new here, I have two French bulldogs that were born in France. Pearl, the white one, was born in Bretagne. She is why I discovered this stunning region and eventually bought my first house in Brittany, France.

The breeder contacted me and said that her mom and dad had their last family together and gave me the first pick. Rose, the beige one, joined our family in December of 2020.

In France, a purebred dog’s naming process is unique. Each year is assigned a letter from the alphabet. I worked hard to pick names reflective of the French bulldog personality. But I also wanted names that were similar in the two languages they know – French and English. I will share their full pedigree names below – it’s quite the mouthful!

Yes! They are bilingual and respond to commands, petite bisous, coucous, and all affectations in both languages.

The girls live their little French lives on the road a lot, traveling and exploring France with me. As a dog owner, I find that the south of France is the hardest on them. Some grasses and pollens are difficult for both humans and pets in this area (Provence and Dordogne especially).

Pearl has been to the Alps multiple times, and we love to hike around Chamonix. She has been to Plan Praz twice but has not joined me on a paragliding flight (yet!).

Traveling by train with your fur-baby is super easy in France. Just allocate a bit of extra time to arrive at the station early. Go to customer service and ask for a dog ticket. It will be half the price of a 2nd class seat to wherever you are headed.

PLEASE 🙏before you consider this breed, research IVDD & Frenchie health problems.

My girls:
“Pearl” Legende Pratuch (born/née March 19, 2019)

Royal “Rose” Ermione des Aghates de Chamrouge du Sablé-sur-Sarthe, France born/née September 23, 2020.

Bisous and big hugs from France,


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