Location: Château de Chantilly. As the Spring edit…

Location: Château de Chantilly. As the Spring edit…

Location: Château de Chantilly. As the Spring edition of the Paris Quarterly digital magazine gets ever closer to being finished, I am having a blast writing about some of my favorite places, including Chantilly. I love going back through my videos, photos, and experiences, all with @ateliertoursparis by my side.

I will be sharing my favorite locations, tips, and know-before-you-go videos in my story. But I had to share the magic of this library room in the Chateau de Chantilly. I reimagined it as a place in Hogwart’s – this space has all the Harry Potter vibes!

For those who are new here, bienvenue! I share insider travel tips, French lifestyle inspiration, and my experiences as an American immigrant living full-time in France. I also want to inspire you to learn and discover this entire country. While I am so passionate about Paris that I even have a tattoo on my arm representing my relationship with her, it is essential to understand that Paris is NOT France.

And to truly understand this country, you have to leave the “safety” of the city, be brave, and find the courage to learn how to use the train system here, rent a car, or jump on a plane to another part of France.

I hope to show you that if I can do it (often alone!), you can do it too. I learned by myself, and I KNOW that you can discover all that France can offer you with a bit of time, patience, and the right tools & resources.

In my Spring 2022 edition of the Paris Quarterly, I share a great day trip to get you out of your comfort zone – Chantilly. This stunning city is a super-quick 25-minute train ride from Paris. And she is not to be missed!

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Bisous and bon dimanche, darlings,



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