Let’s keep the conversation going, darlings. OHMYG…

Let’s keep the conversation going, darlings. OHMYG…

Let’s keep the conversation going, darlings. OHMYGOODNESS, this community is SO amazing!!!! So many of you submitted the BEST responses & weighed in on the discussion yesterday. 👏👏 You shared your morning routines, & while some of you are early-risers, you also enjoy a slow start to your day.

Tomorrow, I will share some fun ideas and locations to enjoy life as a slow-riser in Paris. For today, I would like to take advantage of this lovely, sleepy Sunday to keep our discussion going.

Yesterday I talked about permitting ourselves to let our bodies set the day’s pace.

In the context of this group: What do we need to give ourselves permission for when we travel?

From observation, personal experience, & receiving regular messages from you, here is an example list of activities, behaviors, and habits we should give grace to while traveling.

° Sleeping in (the pressure to see & do all / FOMO)
° Canceling reservations/feeling compelled to follow the itinerary
° Changing your mind about what you want to do
° To be disappointed with your experience
° To be sad (before, during, or after your trip)

Now, let me be clear. These are not negative things. They are completely normal!

Let’s reframe the stories we are telling ourselves while traveling, giving grace to us and our travel partners:

° Sleeping in = Rest, rejuvenation, respite. Self-care is of utmost importance while traveling.
°Canceling reservations = Following your intuition. While respecting the business or restaurant so no revenues are lost, it is essential not to feel forced to keep an RDV.
° Changing your mind = Enjoying the moment. Go with the flow!
° Disappointment = Acknowledgment of opportunities for improvement.
° Sadness = We are human, connected, and loving creatures.

I’ll be posting soon on the last two points. I wish Insta gave us more room to write, but I also love the challenge.

Add your thoughts in the comments below!


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