Let’s have lunch and walk around the lake today! I…

Let’s have lunch and walk around the lake today! I…

Let’s have lunch and walk around the lake today! In today’s episode of our village mini-series, Jugon Les Lacs, we arrive just in time for lunch at Crêperie Elysarose. This restaurant is the perfect spot for a meal of famous Breton galettes and crepes. I also love that eating here doesn’t take up so much of your precious time and day, as we all know how meals can sometimes take hours in this country!

But isn’t that a beautiful thing, too? To experience a glorious, long, lovely meal in France is so special.

Without being rushed, I finished in about an hour and had one of my favorite meals that I crave year-round. In fact, @vmikeyv8 recently asked me what my fav French meal is, and hands down, it’s the galette complet.

As soon as the girls and I stepped outside, I ran into Jo and Dave of @crazycarrot.fr . The Greenways have lived in this region for over 20 years, previously in Plancoet, where I first met them and their French bulldog, Pepper. Jo owned and operated a vegetarian food truck that set up shop in the famous Dinard Saturday market.

The couple recently moved to Jugon Les Lacs and are in the final days of preparations before opening their first brick-and-mortar restaurant, located in the heart of JLL. They’ll be offering vegetarian meals on the weekends, including Beyond Meat burgers, curry, lasagna, chili, and breakfast foods. I also hope that Jo will keep her amazing carrot cake in stock at all times! Congrats, you two. I know you’ll do so well.

Next, we begin the 2.5-mile loop around the lake. There is so much to see, so I split up the video into two parts. This is the first edition, and I will post the second half tomorrow.

To start the loop, you walk right up the street from the town square and – voila! There you are. I share part of an aerial photography project posted at the lake in a final scene. It gives you a great perspective and view of Jugon Les Lacs.

More to come tomorrow!

Bisous and big hugs from Bretagne,


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