If Saint-Malo and Dinard had a love child, it woul…

If Saint-Malo and Dinard had a love child, it woul…

If Saint-Malo and Dinard had a love child, it would be the twins Deauville and Trouville (sur mer). It’s hard to recognize when one ends and the other starts. Both of these towns sport the best of what I love of the aforementioned famous Bretagne cities:

Sweeping sea views, perfect white sandy beaches, magnificent villas and mansions, a port, and a hippodrome (be sure to check the schedule for polo matches). Bubbling with vibrancy and terraces soaking in the sunshine, this town is alive with a mix of both residents and tourists. The architecture is serious eye-candy. And I cannot find a better restaurant scene than here.

The struggle is real, especially in Honfleur. As one local described it, Honfleur was still relatively authentic before Covid. During, he claims Parisians moved in and brought bourgeois, big city vibes with them. And now? He rolled his eyes in disgust, “It is like a Disneyland. Fake. Only for tourists.” It’s an intense claim, but Mr. B has lived here all his life and operates a business in Honfleur.

I continue to dig.

All culinary signs point west. I discovered a hidden tapas bar steps away from the beach, and today I went to visit. A sweet couple at the table next to me struck up a conversation. He had been in the restaurant industry his entire career, trained in the States, and had recently moved from Paris to live in “the twins” Deauville & Trouville full time.

He agreed with my observation and confirmed my suspicions, fueled by Mr. B’s commentary, “This area is very touristic, and the restaurants are not good. They are expensive. But this town is different.” I shared my secret village and restaurant from yesterday’s exploration. He was surprised I had found the location. “You are very good at discoveries,” he claimed. 🤗

The “twins” are VERY hard to capture. I will ask my husband (he arrives Saturday!) to drive me through town, and I will take shots from the passenger seat so you can better understand the impact of this city.



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