I was chatting with a friend today, and she was de…

I was chatting with a friend today, and she was de…

I was chatting with a friend today, and she was describing to me one of her favorite memories and moments during a visit to Bretagne. Her tone of voice was excited and rushed as she shared her story with me. Like any good storyline, it started with a lovely scene, and then an unexpected challenge was introduced. Eventually, they overcame the obstacle with the most delightful and unexpected surprise.

I find that equation often leads to the best moments here in France – unexpected challenge + flexibility in mindset = surprisingly fantastic outcome. In my post yesterday, I shared with you a tip about your travel itinerary: 1. Choose one main activity for the day, something that especially resonates with you. 2. And then book a RDV with a restaurant nearby, one that you have researched and know that the food is worth the visit. 3. And then leave the rest to chance.

But what happens in that space? Perhaps you start to wander, and you get lost (unexpected challenge). But not being overly worried about it (flexibility in mindset), you continue to explore a new neighborhood to discover a fantastic hidden street in Paris (surprisingly excellent outcome).

Or, perhaps the dish that you know and love is sold out (challenge). And you decide to be brave and order the waiter’s recommendation, not even sure what the dish is precisely (flexibility in mindset). And through that experience, you discover your new favorite meal in France. One that brings tears to your eyes!

These are a few examples of the moments and opportunities you can create for yourself by leaving space for flexibility and having a mindset of positivity and discovery. You cannot “create” these moments in an itinerary. They just happen! That is why they feel magical. And often are your favorite memories.

Voilà! What French magical moment is your favorite? And was the situation similar to the equation I proposed (challenge + flexibility = happy outcome)?

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,


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