I did it!! I finished the travel guide for you JUS…

I did it!! I finished the travel guide for you JUS…

I did it!! I finished the travel guide for you JUST IN TIME for our road trip!

This is FIFTY….yeah, five.zero. pages of tips, tricks, templates, and information you need for your next trip to France. The Ultimate Travel Guide has ARRIVED!!!! 🥳🥳🥳 WATCH in my Instagram story or highlight for a sneak peek of the guide!!! ☝️☝️

Section one focuses on your research and trip planning, including how to pick the right rental, my lodging strategies, the neighborhoods to pick in Paris, and even my fav organization tactics.

In section two, I share packing and flight prep tips so that you can land in France fully prepared for an excellent vacation!

Now that you’ve arrived, section three is all about transportation. What apps to use, how to use the metro, taxis, trains, and planes in France. Woot!

In section four, I help you navigate the French restaurants, dining out, going to the farmer’s market, and even have a cheat sheet for your visit.

In the bonuses section, I go crazy with walking maps, pharmacy info, how to avoid pickpockets, shopping tips, a ton of extra details, even a template for preparing your house for your leave.

This guide is TOP!!!! And what’s even better?!! It’s a LIVING document. What does that mean? It means that when you purchase the guide, you will have LIFETIME access to it. Anytime I make changes, additions, or have something new, you will have the LATEST version of it at your fingertips.

Folks, this is just the beginning!! This guide is the first in a regular series I will be publishing. City guides, regional guides, itineraries, downloads, and SO much more. I am THRILLED to be sharing this first edition of many more to come.

I cannot wait to receive your feedback. 🤩🤩🤩 And THANK YOU soooooo much for supporting me!

`In the meantime, it’s time to get your sunnies on, 😎 everyone. Cause we are headed SOUTH tomorrow! Who’s ready for our road trip?!!!!!

Bisous and BIG squeezy hugs from France,


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