I am assigning YOU homework! 😆 Check out your assignment below.

I am assigning YOU homework! 😆 Check out your assignment below.

EDIT: Thank you for all of your amazing submissions! I am closing public comments for now but feel free to DM your responses.

I am assigning YOU homework! 😆 Check out your assignment below.

I woke up to an inbox FULL of your love and YES, PLEASE - my post yesterday was a hit with all of you! Alright, folks, capsule wardrobe fun is coming your way ASAP!

Okay, okay, so let’s do this. Here’s what you can expect:

° The Paris Quarterly Spring Edition - The almost 200-page digital edition will be available next week, and the print version shortly after. Our private What’s App group for the annual subscribers will receive it first.

° Easter is coming soon, and I want to help those arriving right now, so let me finish posting about that as well.

° And in mid-April, I will start on the capsule wardrobe series. This short delay will also give me time to organize and create the content.

In the meantime, here is YOUR homework!

I aim to avoid the overplayed “Parisienne” capsules with the striped shirt and trench coat 🧥. Of course, they’re relevant (sort of) but there is SO much more to French-inspired fashion than that. And I want to give you real-life, zero Emily-in-Paris, capsules you can proudly wear while traveling AND at home.

I have an idea brewing in my head that I am super excited about!

So, here’s your homework:
1 - Tell me your style below in the comments,
2 - Where you’d like to visit in France (real or dreaming),
3 - And if you have a style challenge.

Here’s a real-life personal example:
1 - I enjoy a variety of aesthetics, but this summer I’d like to embrace more of an elegant bohemian aesthetic,
2 - And I’ll be spending a lot of time at the beaches of Cotes d’Armor,
3 - But I don’t like to show off my flabby arms 🤣 (I’m working on it!!) and prefer longer hemlines.

There you have it. Post your response in the comments below or DM me your request!

In the meantime, thanks for all of your INCREDIBLE comments yesterday. I swear, this entire community is such a GIFT 💝 and I am so blessed to be friends with many of you.

Bisous and have a good day, darlings,

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