How to Choose a Marché Noel in France (and support…

How to Choose a Marché Noel in France (and support…

How to Choose a Marché Noel in France (and support local).

Video 1: Colmar
2: Square Rene Viviani, Paris
3: Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Coucou, darlings! Today I put the final touches on my 200-page Winter 2022 special edition of the Paris Quarterly. What makes this issue so different? It will be available in PRINT worldwide!

This is a HUGE achievement for me! Now, as an international digital and print author, I can deliver these beautiful, collectible books to you worldwide.

For those of you interested in or traveling to Paris for Christmas, you’ll love the first section of the book. It is all about the magic of holidays in Paris, where to go, what to do, eat, shop, and see, and how you can recreate seasonal French traditions in your home.

In the remaining part of the book, you’ll have unique stories and features that will take you through the rest of the winter, including an extensive virtual trip, itinerary, and an article about my visit to Strasbourg and Colmar (featured in this video) last year. You’ll also enjoy the recipes, resources, exclusive access videos, and more.

Christmas markets throughout France are a beautiful, exciting, and visually stunning experience in France this time of year. But not all markets are equal!

In Paris, did you know that the only traditional outdoor marché Noel featuring EXCLUSIVELY French artisans is in Montmartre? Yup. It’s near the famous Abbesses metro stop and is 100% French artisans.

When you are at other Christmas markets, check the products carefully. Ask if the item was made in France, or search out booths that are clearly selling unique and handmade goods.

Outside the marché Noël scene, pop-up and concept stores are another great option. These shops can be more challenging to find, but I have created a list of my favorites for 2022 in my magazine. Or keep an eye out for “pop-up” or “concept” in the windows as you wander the streets!

Bisous and bonne journée!

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