How to avoid taxi scams in Paris. It’s easy to h…

How to avoid taxi scams in Paris. It’s easy to h…

How to avoid taxi scams in Paris.

It’s easy to have this happen to you, even if it’s not your first visit. So, let’s talk about how to avoid taxi problems while in Paris.


1 – Time allocation at CDG: Generally speaking, 1-2 hours for customs, 30-45 min for getting luggage, 1 hour travel time from the airport to Paris via taxi. Total = 3.5 hours minimum for this leg of your trip.

2- Don’t use Uber. It’s great in other locations around the world, but not here. Just trust me on this one.

3- Avoid the city taxi stands. Many of them are not legit, licensed taxis.

4 – Instead, use @taxisg7. Download the app. It has a massive array of options, including English-speaking drivers. This is how I get around Paris when walking or the metro is not an option.


1 – Follow the signs that say “taxi.”

2 – Do NOT use a driver trying to convince you at the gate to use their car!! Go to the official CDG taxi stand. Just wave them off and move on.

3 – If the line is long at the taxi stand, don’t worry. The line moves pretty fast.

4 – Even though it’s the official taxi stand, CONFIRM with your driver two things: 1. The rate, 2. They accept credit cards.

All legit taxi drivers know these basics in English, so don’t worry about communication. Their work and livelihood depend upon tourists.

5 – Know the rates. These are fixed prices from CDG to Paris & cannot be changed. At the time of the post, city-regulated taxi fees from CDG are 58 euros for transport to the left bank and 53 euros for the right.


If you have a unique situation, pets, a lot of luggage, or a large group, use the G7 website.

Log onto their site in advance and book their gate service (available for all airports and train stations in the Paris metro).

A driver will be waiting at your gate with a sign. They will escort you directly to the car or van, load everything in, and whisk you to your destination, no worries.

Bisous and bon voyage,

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