How much do you tip the waiter at a restaurant in …

How much do you tip the waiter at a restaurant in …

How much do you tip the waiter at a restaurant in France?

Coucou, darlings. It’s a rainy Sunday in Paris! And I wanted to answer this question that I receive regularly. First, according to the Ministry of Finance’s website, let’s clarify the legal side of things.

“A tip is a sum of money given by the customer to a salaried worker.
Even if it remains traditional in certain trades (coffee waiter, cinema usher, gas station attendant, etc.), it is always optional and left to the customer’s discretion.

No profession can demand it.

The service is a percentage levied on the bill or the price. It must be included in the amount of the note or invoice. The prices displayed must be those to be paid by the customer (therefore, service included).

In restaurants or drinking establishments where a service is perceived, all documents (tariffs, menus, etc.) must include the words “ prix service compris,” followed by the percentage applied. The absence of the service on the card or the note means that a fixed salary remunerates the staff. In this case, the payment of a tip by the customer is done on a voluntary basis.”

There you have it, folks. I’ll link to the web page in the comments. But, bottom line, tips are included in the final bill at the restaurant. If you give a tip, it is VOLUNTARY and at your discretion to do so.

After living in France for many years, here is my three-point rule of thumb for tipping:
1. If I am at a café or mid-priced restaurant, and the service is standard, I do not tip.

2. If I am at an establishment with extraordinary service, I tip a maximum of five euros.

3. If I am at a fine dining establishment, I will likely tip the typical American-style 15-20%. It’s just my preference.

PLEASE BE AWARE: I am starting to see stories about tourists, especially around high-traffic destinations like the Eiffel Tour, that some waitstaff are pressuring or “suggesting” guests to leave a tip. Do not fall for this!


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