How do French vet bills compare to those in your h…

How do French vet bills compare to those in your home country?

Over the last few days, my baby French bulldog Rose has been going through the very traumatic experience of pancreatitis.

Many of you have been following along throughout. First and foremost, I am relieved and grateful beyond words to share that Rose’s échographie today shared that her pancreas is still inflamed, but the rest of her organs are healthy.

Second, I have tried my best to respond to every DM received. I know this is not enough. The flood of support, love, empathy, prayers, and good thoughts was overwhelming in the best way possible. And I honestly believe that your kindness made a huge impact. This community continues to be such a gift 💝

Last… well, you know me. Regardless of the situation, I want to be of value to you. Do you want to travel or move to France with your fur-baby? What does quality healthcare cost in this country? Or even more so, what about an urgent situation like Rose’s?

DISCLAIMER: I will say that my costs in Paris are significantly higher. And I am currently out at my country home in Bretagne.

All consultations, medications, overnight hospitalization, and infusions cost me 249 euros (278 USD, 389 AUD). I also have insurance for Rose so I will be reimbursed 100% for that cost.

Today, her follow-up échographie, over an hour consultation with two doctors, was 47 euros.

I am forever grateful to the veterinary team involved, to all of you who sent your messages of support, love, prayers and encouraged me throughout this scary ordeal. And I am so SO grateful to be living in a country where healthcare is accessible, for paw-rents and fur-babies alike.

What’s next? I am working with the vet team to reevaluate Rose’s diet to manage her pancreatitis through quality low-fat foods and naturopath remedies.

Thank you again for your love and support. I promise to move our conversations and content back to all things France starting tomorrow.



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