Honfleur Day 4 & 5. “Listen to the silence. It has…

Honfleur Day 4 & 5. “Listen to the silence. It has…

Honfleur Day 4 & 5. “Listen to the silence. It has so much to say.” – Rumi


We have found our morning routine again. The girls and I wake up to sunshine streaming through the windows. I roll over and give them their morning massages – French bulldogs are fragile, and one significant and common ailment is paralysis (and even death) due to IVDD (intervertebral disc disease). In my mind, I believe I am giving them the love and physical conditioning that helps their little backs and spirits wake up for the day. But I am sure that the attention they give back during our morning snuggle session is the real gift.

After I finish working, we jump into the car and head out to various locations. I am saving the best of the best for my husband’s return to France. So, I am more focused on combining errands (gas is so expensive right now!) and knocking smaller things off my discovery list.

TIP: If you have the time and want to visit places off the beaten path, look up these two lists by department: Petites cités de caractère (little cities of character) & village Fleurie (floral villages).

The Petites Cités de Caractère is a concept over 70 years old and recognizes atypical villages and communes. This designation helps preserve their history and character, but I also find that these little towns are steeped in authenticity and charm (and fewer tourists!).

Meanwhile, the Village Fleurie is a 60-year program and contest. Villages who participate are awarded up to four flowers for their town-wide engagement. Three and four flower villages are a must-stop and are generally heritage sites.

My current projects include visiting (and eliminating) these villages from the list I will be sharing with you. Not all make my final cut. And I am also working on figuring out who has the BEST moules frites in this part of Normandie. I might have found the spot yesterday!

Bisous and big hugs from Normandie, France,


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