Honfleur D3. How to travel in France during off-se…

Honfleur D3. How to travel in France during off-se…

Honfleur D3. How to travel in France during off-season (TIPS THROUGHOUT THIS POST!)

Today’s goal was to visit the stores, shops, restaurants, and businesses I am interested in featuring in my Honfleur guide.

I mapped out all of the locations and double-checked hours online. I loaded up the girls and drove into Honfleur with the list in hand. First, can I say what a gorgeous, sunny day it was?! What a gift!! We started our walk with a lot of success – I am so happy to be back in the village. Our first restaurant was open and gladly booked us a table, doggos accepted. The second location was a FAB coffee shop & concept store. I had the BEST conversation with Bertrand that I will be sharing with you later.

After that, it sort of went downhill from there. The next restaurant was closed for no reason. The third was closed for their annual vacations, sign in window. Number four closed. Number five. Six and seven don’t accept dogs.

Welcome to France in the off-season. Traffic is down, so businesses save time & money by taking advantage of this slack – they cut opening hours, go on vacation, and change up their schedule. But this change is rarely reflected online.

But what do you do if you are on a tight timeline? Here are a few more tips:

Contact in advance via Instagram, email, Facebook, or website. This is advisable but this tactic takes a lot of planning.
Choose restaurants who offer online booking. You’ll be guaranteed a table and that they’re open.
Call. Or have your host call for you. It’s honestly the best and easiest way to ensure you have a great experience.
These tips are also advisable for small museums, shops, and micro-tourist destinations.

The girls & I had a blast wandering the petite alleys and streets of Honfleur and meeting business owners, makers, and artisans. I cannot wait to share more with you!

Want more travel tips like this? Check out my France Travel Planner! Link in bio.

Bisous and big hugs from Normandie, France,


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