Honfleur D2. I haven’t used a drip coffee maker in…

Honfleur D2. I haven’t used a drip coffee maker in…

Honfleur D2. I haven’t used a drip coffee maker in ages and dug around in the cupboards for a backup plan for tomorrow. I was super pleased to find a french coffee press tucked away in a dusty corner. I vowed to find a coffee grinder, and perhaps even a whole bean store or local roaster, in the coming days.

I am introverted and enjoy solitude and space, especially in the morning. Even as a very young child, my grandmother would recount how she gave me a lot of quiet time to wake, and she never put me down for naps as I preferred to draw or listen to music alone while my siblings slept.

I watch the pasture outside this old Normandy house. According to the owner, it dates back to the beginning of the XXth century. I have discovered a theme around the property. Inside and out, there are rabbit sculptures, pottery, drawings, and even linens – everywhere. As I sip on my bitter drip coffee, I watch one scurry across the field and make a mental note to ask about this lapin obsession.

After work this morning, I take the girls to the beach. It’s a much-deserved treat after yesterday’s travels and long road trip. The following two weeks are a slow build to a rather intense final two weeks in Normandie. I have the rest of the Paris Quarterly magazine Spring 2022 edition to finish, along with my strategic brand consulting work to focus on before my husband arrives.

I am a planner at heart and took a unique approach to create the itinerary that Jeff will experience. I can’t wait to share my latest travel itinerary strategy with you! Meanwhile, I will use my time here solo to take care of the girls and deep dive into some research, locations, and poke around so I can create the ultimate guide for your next trip to this region.

P.S. Did you miss the house tour yesterday? Don’t worry! I saved it for you in my highlights!

Bisous and big hugs from Normandie, France,
Shannon, Pearl, and Rose


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