Hello, friends! I hope you have had a great start …

Hello, friends! I hope you have had a great start …

Hello, friends! I hope you have had a great start to your week. Over here, I am working hard on a new curriculum and lesson plan for my thirty-five business marketing bachelor’s students.

Meanwhile, I received a great question from @suzyefreeman: “What’s the first thing you’ll do when you return to Paris? What have you missed so much?”

Gosh! That is a GREAT question, Suzanne; thank you. And boy, oh boy, is the list long.

First and foremost, I want to see my friends, whom I have missed greatly. Many are like family to me, and I am ready to fill that cup up with their love, hugs, and friendship.

And here is a list of the activities that I always do when I am in the gorgeous city of Paris:
Walk the river Seine.
Visit my favorite restaurants.
Spend a day at my favorite museum, the Musée d’Orsay.
I always check out the latest exhibitions with priority at the Jacquemart André, Fondation Louis Vuitton, and Luxembourg.
Go to my fav parks, especially Palais Royale and JDP.
Pop in and say hello to the propriétaires of my fav shops in the neighborhood.
And wander the streets to see what’s new and different.

A few new businesses have opened on Ile Saint-Louis, and I want to go and dit bonjour.

Meanwhile, the work projects are stacking up, and I am trying not to feel overwhelmed! I am so grateful for the opportunity to work and live here in France, help others and be of service to them AND you!

Merci for being a part of this community – I am so glad you are here!

Bisous and big hugs from Bretagne,

🇫🇷 France 🇫🇷, forever.

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