Good to Know: Strikes in Paris starting Thursday.

Good to Know: Strikes in Paris starting Thursday.

Good to Know: Strikes in Paris starting Thursday.

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WHEN: Thursday, January 19th. But it is expected to last longer, with oil workers announcing dates into early February.

WHO: This is an all-trades "blackout" strike that includes oil refineries, railways, metros in multiple major cities, air travel, road transport, schools, public employees, police, cultural centers, French television, ski resorts, & banks.

WHAT will happen? For now, we know that:

° Oil refineries - Their strike will create fuel blockades & shutdown refinery facilities. Similar blockades in October 2022 created significant problems, with gas stations running dry and drivers queuing for hours to fill up.

TIP 1: If you have a car or rent one, please ensure the tank is full.

° Railways & Metro - All trains and metros will cease operation. The CGT-RATP said their goal was to have a “strong mobilisation of workers” and achieve “zero transport.”

TIP 2: Plan to walk everywhere you go during this strike, and do not rely on taxis. I have noticed that there are already almost no taxis available on G7. I would not expect drivers to be available.

° Air travel - A strike notice has been filed at Air France & airport employees also plan to strike, affecting services such as check-in, security checks & baggage handling.

TIP 3: Monitor your flights closely and expect delays at the airport - arrive early.

° Cultural venues - Multiple theaters, operas & other venues will be striking.

TIP 4: Check to make sure your event has not been canceled.

° And for residents - The mairies, prefectures, & banks will be closed.

WHY: France’s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday the government’s plan to reform the pension system, including raising the pension age from 62 to 64.

For additional questions, please DM me, and I will do my best to help. Please, no political comments - they will be deleted.

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