For a long time before achieving my goal of reside…

For a long time before achieving my goal of reside…

For a long time before achieving my goal of residency in France 🇫🇷 , I traveled back and forth from Paris to the States. Each time, my objective was to stay longer. And each time, it was more and more painful to leave. 😩 As much as I love my home in the States, my family, and friends, the siren song of France was irresistible. Thankfully, those closest to me have been supportive from the start of this journey. What a blessing! 🥰

I used to schlep little French treasures back to the US, buying extra baggage so I could haul all of my bricolage (antique store) and vide grenier (garage sale) finds back “home.” 😬😬 French nesting! Later on, when I eventually had more resources and connections, I would tuck away personal effects in my friend’s cave (basement). It was reassuring to know that, at some point, I would return to collect those belongings, that I would come back to France eventually. 😅

After all of these years of dreaming, wishing, hoping, saving, searching, and finally finding our forever French home, we now have the opportunity to nest in a completely different way. 🏡 I have rented in this country for many, many years. And it is such a different (and slightly overwhelming!) feeling to be a homeowner in France. I am so excited to make her our own. 🤩

This photo by @jess_isaac is on my design mood board, and that will be one of the first things I share with you this week. If you would like to follow along on our home renovation journey, head on up to my bio and click the link. ☝️☝️You will see a little pink envelope, and that is where you can sign up for the newsletter!

Meanwhile, in today’s SWIPE 👉 & SAVE 👇 : Swipe 👉 through to find some ways you can bring a little French inspiration and decor into your home, no matter where you are!

Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

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