Feeling the this week like a campfire S’Mores – e…

Feeling the this week like a campfire S’Mores – e…

Feeling the ❤️ this week like a campfire S’Mores – everyone is the graham cracker & chocolate bar. And I’m the goopy marshmallow squeezy-hugged between.

Please know that the brief stories you are about to read fail miserably to the incredible abilities of my ex-pat adopted family’s time, talent, and beauty. Follow and support them, please. We all deserve love, and these people are SO special!

Monday. I spent the day with photographer @rachccouch. She specializes in brand work, documenting stories, and I was so lucky to visit the Arc de Triomphe, wrapped, with Rachel. Stay tuned for my video on this incredible experience!

Tuesday. Between both of our busy work schedules, Eric @ateliertoursparis called me. We camped on the phone for over an hour, and that wasn’t enough time! Thank you to those of you who have jumped on over and booked Eric. 👏👏👏

Wednesday. An all-too-brief coffee chat with Jane of @lacuisineparis This brilliant, on-fire red-head is whip-smart and operates an in-person cooking class experience in Paris. We giggled over all things immigrating to France and left wishing for SO much more time.

Thursday. @mollyjwilk birthday is now one of my favorite days of the year as this beautiful soul makes everyone else happy 24/7. Making her happy was 🔝. I was thrilled to take @sammiekinz to a series of my secret Marais spots. And when I mean they’re secret, I am not kidding. Don’t ask – I will never tell! 😅 Sam is inner INNER TFL circle & adopted family.

And we wrap up the “work” week with @aprilinparistours. You can see the video in today’s Instagram story! You’ll know her for the “rent-a-girlfriend” program I mentioned in previous posts, but this gal has some LEGIT restaurant flex in this city. Some people know the basics, watch the lists, but this gal has the gastronomie secrets on point.

Friends. Work. We all live our lives here as immigrants but come together as a family. Thank you for loving and supporting all of us. 🤗


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