(enter scary, dramatic music) It’s tax season in F…

(enter scary, dramatic music) It’s tax season in F…

(enter scary, dramatic music) It’s tax season in France. And inevitably, the ex-pat boards start filling up with questions, desperation, frustration, and overwhelm. If the French bureaucracy the rest of the year doesn’t kill you, this process just might. 😂😬

This process is one of the few things I won’t take on, and I have worked with Sareg, a French/English accounting firm since I landed in France with my work visa. Melanie is a god-send. 🙏 She submits ALL of my paperwork, my quarterly tax payments, answers wayyyyyyyy too many of my questions, and generally keeps me from going insane. Trudi is my annual superhero, cape and all. 💃 She swoops in and saves the day by doing my French tax returns. And Debbie is the final piece of the puzzle – she jumps on the phone with me when I have a complicated question or challenge to navigate. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. 🥰

As an American working in France, I also have to submit tax returns in the States every year. Unfortunately, the US is one of three countries in the world that has a double taxation policy. 😬 From what I understand, if you earn more than 108,000 USD, you will have to pay taxes on anything above that to both France 🇫🇷 AND the US 🇺🇸.

France considers you a 👉FISCAL resident👈 if you are here for about six months or more of the year. So, if you are thinking about bopping back and forth between here and your country of origin, that might be something to consider. They also tax you on your WORLDWIDE 🌎 income – including rentals & any other revenues you might have.

Is this news to you? Is this helpful? 🧐

I sure hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Bisous and big hugs 🤗 from France,

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PLEASE NOTE: I am not a professional and cannot provide any advice on these matters. This post is strictly informative, educational, a documentation of my experiences, and for entertainment value only. Please contact a paid professional for additional information or inquiries.


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