Door to Door Scams – ‘tis the season, folks. Vid…

Door to Door Scams – ‘tis the season, folks. Vid…

Door to Door Scams – ‘tis the season, folks.

Video: The newly restored Medici Fountain, Jardin du Luxembourg.

I hear a soft tapping at my front door. Usually, it’s my guardienne, my sweet C. She’s from Portugal but has lived in this building for almost twenty years as our vigilant custodian.

I think of her like a mother hen. She wakes up early to clear the coop, put the bins out, and deal with the early risers and deliveries. She fusses over everyone, keeping the favorites under her wing and those she doesn’t like at a distance. And at night, after the building is at roost, the light in her flat goes off.

She has video surveillance around the entry that is monitored constantly. And perhaps I have become a bit too trusting of the system.

When I heard the soft rapping on the window, I thought it was her.

I opened the curtains to see someone else standing at my door. Sweet C also monitors deliveries, and I wasn’t thinking straight when I opened the door – I thought maybe he was a delivery driver that she had let in.

“The Mairie is collecting money for the trash. Here is a calendar.”

Immediately my stomach rolled as this intruder could now push his way in, as I’ve heard happen so many times before. I chastised myself violently in my head for making such a stupid mistake.

I immediately collected myself, brought myself high and big, and said clearly, “You do not belong here. You need to go. NOW.” I forcedly handed back his fake paper calendar with finality, and he blinked, then ran off.

I got lucky.

If you are moving here, renting short term, or have an apartment-style AirBnB, PLEASE BE CAREFUL and DO NOT open your door to anyone unknown. This is a scam that frequently happens this time of year. They ask for money under many pretenses but, as you know, the French LOVE paperwork. They mail out paper bills. They will NEVER send someone to your door to collect money!

The only exception? When you see the 🔥 Paris firemen in uniform on the street, selling their calendars around the holidays. That’s when you say OUI. 😅

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