Day 3, Part 1 of the Normandy Virtual Road Trip: A…

Day 3, Part 1 of the Normandy Virtual Road Trip: A…

Day 3, Part 1 of the Normandy Virtual Road Trip: A tour of Château Val.

It was 1:30 PM, and I finally slipped into my car and waved goodbye to Uwe and Irene, the owners of Château Val in Brix, Normandy, France. I didn’t want to leave, and I’m unsure if a week at this property would have been enough time here. It was that magical.

My alarm went off too early, and I lay there listening to the sounds of the doves as the morning light filtered past the curtains. I grabbed a sweater and my jeans, and the girls and I went downstairs to greet the day.

Wandering over to the dining salon, Irene was quick to settle me in for coffee. They both noticed I had been working late last night and immediately delivered a carafe of hot, steaming coffee and a gorgeous breakfast spread. In the video, you’ll see the massive granite fireplace. A new woodstove will be installed in just a week, and they will be heating the baguettes and croissants right on the stove for guests.

Cozy, full, and caffeinated, I went upstairs to finish getting ready and then met the owners outside for the tour I am sharing with you today. Even though I spoke to Irene and Ewe at length yesterday, they surprised me with many new and magical features about the property. I honestly cannot stop thinking about that well. 🧚‍♀️

More than half the day was over before we said our goodbyes. And Château Val is all I have thought about since I left.

The property is less than a half-hour from Cherbourg. You can take a train from Paris, and I would then suggest that you rent a car to explore that region of Normandy. Ideally located, you can access beaches, ports, WW2 memorial sites, and more, all within an easy drive of the chateau. Use it as a home base during the day, and cook in your personal apartment at night.

This video will be available for the next 24 hours in my story, and permanently saved in my Instagram highlights and YouTube.

Bisous and big hugs from Normandy,


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